Lady Gaga Silver Sequin Dress Costume

To fans of Lady Gaga, the Lady Gaga Silver Sequin Dress Costume is no doubt one of the eternal favorites. It is classy and chic and yet so bold and outrageous. It is the perfect mix, who has made headlines in fashion magazines and columns with the outrageous and outlandish costumes she has donned in her career. No costume of hers has failed to get gasps of surprise and admiration from all onlookers. No wonder Lady Gaga costumes are hot favorites in the Halloween season. However, there is little doubt that her Silver Sequin Dress Costume is one of the best costumes to don this season.

The Silver Sequin Dress Costume is a short, body fitting dress, in keeping with most of lady Gaga’s dresses. It is a shoulder-off or strapless dress, which hugs the body at the top and flares out at the bottom. However, the design is far more interesting than the image this description brings to mind. To begin with, the flares are semi-circular flares that seem attached to the dress, not a part of the dress itself, giving it a slightly out of the world, over the top look. There is also a triangular, asymmetrical flare at the top which increases the sense of asymmetry and adds to the overall glamour of the look. The dress, overall, is extremely sexy, yet stops at being way too revealing. Lady Gaga is known to be very scantily dressed, especially for her stage performances, but in this case, you need not worry about showing off inappropriately.

The Silver Sequin Dress Costume also features a sexy eye mask that is made of silver glitter. It is two made of asymmetrical triangular shaped and looks very sexy and appealing. The half hidden, half shown look looks glamorous and the asymmetry matches perfectly with that of the dress.

Of course, no Lady Gaga costume can be complete without the right wig. She is rarely seen without a wig and the plus size sequin dress Costume also features a characteristic wig that is perfectly styled for the costume. In this case, it is a short blond wig. You can go with a platinum wig with curls or a blond wig in her trademark bob cut. Either wig will match the costume just fine, but the platinum wig is likely to match the colors of the Lady Gaga Silver Sequin Dress Costume better.

The Lady Gaga Silver Sequin Dress Costume cannot be complete without the right pantyhose and shoes. In this case, the choice of pantyhose is industrial nylon sheer black pantyhose. The heels, on the other hand, are ankle length boots with high stiletto heels. While these are the ideal choices, you can improvise a bit. You could opt for fishnet stockings as opposed to sheer nylon ones. With shoes, ideally stick to the high heel ankle length boots variety.

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