Christmas Decorations History

Most of the Christmas home decorations we see in Christmas stores today have evolved from many other cultures. Charles D. Warner wrote about the Christmas holiday season in 1884. He quotes “We have saved out of the past nearly all that was good in it”. There is no doubt that Christmas as we know it today is better than the holidays celebrated in the past. At the mere mention of ivy, mistletoe or holly the visions of the Christmas holidays with all its wonderful memories comes rushing back into our minds. We see visions of snow covered hills, Christmas tree decorations, carolers singing with ringing brass bells and lighted outdoor Christmas decorations, lighting up the night sky. In the winter when most native plants lose their leaves, flowers and fruits, mistletoe, evergreens, holly and ivy are winter wonders for us to admire. No wonder these winter delights were used as decorations to brighten up the cold days of winter.

Native Plants Become Christmas decoration.

Mistletoe has a special meaning for the Christmas decoration holiday season. The hanging mistletoe in the doorways creates many diversions and plots from friends to receive a special kiss under a mistletoe ball. The mistletoe kissing tradition comes from a Norse myth. Frigga who was one of the gods gave her son Balder a charm of mistletoe so he would be protect from the elements. Since mistletoe grows on trees and does not grow from the water, the earth, from the fire or the air it held the power to harm him. An arrow made of mistletoe from one of the other struck Balder down, and his mother cried tears of white berries. The tears brought her son back to life and she vowed to kiss anyone who rested beneath the mistletoe plant. So this is how the mistletoe kissing tradition began. In the early days mistletoe was called the all-healer in Celtic speech. There are traces in Britain of the sacredness of mistletoe as well as holly. In other European countries mistletoe is believed to possess marvelous healing powers for sickness. Mistletoe is even recognized as a power for averting misfortune. It was also believed to be the remedy against poisons. Mistletoe is also believed to make barren animals fruitful.

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