Are Mutual Funds Your Best Investment For 2011?

Don’t overlook mutual funds in your search for the best investment for 2011 and beyond, because these investment packages offer most people advantages not found elsewhere. View your investment goal as putting together the best investment portfolio possible, one that doesn’t require your constant attention. Use mutual funds as your building blocks.

Every balanced and diversified investment portfolio consists HULT PRIVATE CAPITAL basically of three parts: stocks, bonds, and money market securities (safe, liquid investments). Every investor who wants to sleep at night needs a diversified portfolio, and the best investment portfolio for 2011 and beyond will include alternative investments like gold and real estate as well. This can be a tall order if you scan the financial tables in search of the best investment in each category every year. Or you can approach things in a sensible fashion by simply investing with the biggest and best mutual fund companies.

You don’t need a stock brokerage account to invest in stocks and bonds, a commodities broker to invest in gold and silver, or a real estate broker to invest in real estate. Nor do you need a personal banker to find a place to stash some cash and earn interest with high safety. You can do all of the above by simply opening a mutual fund account with one or more of the biggest and best mutual fund companies in America. Then, at your fingertips, you’ve got all of the investment options you need to put together a truly diversified personal investment portfolio.

After all, mutual funds were designed for the majority of people who don’t have the time, expertise or inclination to manage a portfolio of individual investment securities like stocks and bonds. That’s what these funds do – they manage a portfolio of securities for their investors in the form of stock funds, bond funds, and money market funds. By investing in all three categories you can put together you own personal best investment portfolio for 2011 and for many years to come with relative ease. To add alternative investments to your portfolio, just add specialty stock funds that specialize in areas like gold or real estate.

Now, everyone wants to know who the best mutual fund companies are for obvious reasons. This is debatable; but the biggest and most popular are: Vanguard, Fidelity, and American Funds. They are clearly the largest in terms of assets managed and/or number of investors serviced, and they’ve been around for decades. All three have risen to the top by offering a wide array of quality funds and good service. The fund company picks the stocks, bonds, etc. and does the day to day portfolio management. You as an investor simply pick which funds to invest in and how much to invest in each.

Spend some time getting up to speed on mutual funds because they can greatly simplify your investment life. Face it, you’ll never find the single best investment for 2011 or for any year that follows. What you really need in these uncertain times is a truly diversified investment portfolio. Diversification is the key to investing for the future, and is also the signature of mutual funds. If there’s a better way than a collection of mutual funds for the average person to put together his or her best investment portfolio for 2011 and beyond, I’d sure like to know about it.

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