6 Ways to Maximize Sales For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and customers from all over the world are going to be on the lookout for a gift and a good deal for their loved ones.

If your company specializes in personalized gifts, exotic flower delivery or just great valentines gifts, chances are that Valentine’s Day is one of the days which can generate a high ROI for your business. But, simply having a generically optimized website is not going to attract valentine’s day shoppers during this important retail period over your competition.

Online campaigns for promoting Valentines deals must begin well in advance. It is better to have your retail marketing strategy in place by New Year and start product promotion by early January or even before.

Following are 6 steps that will help you maximize conversion rates and increase sales:

1. Target Valentine-based Keywords: Keyword selection is the most fundamental step of search engine optimization. A number of keyword selection tools which are available online can be used to develop a list of the most popular keywords. You should aim to target both short tail and long tail keywords e.g. valentines day gifts, gifts for valentines, valentines gifts under $25, valentines gifts for her, valentines gifts for him etc.

2. Create New and Appealing Valentine’s Day Deals. With so many products available online, a great offer such as a discount, free shipping or gift with purchase is sure to attract notice from your visitors and separate you from the competition. Be creative and come up with unique product pairings and combinations.

3. Identify Competitive Valentine’s Promotions. It is definitely worthwhile to conduct a competitive intelligence check to identify the deals and promotions offered by competing retailers. Knowledge is power and a little time spent doing some investigation will more than likely give you an advantage and ensure that your profits do not take a dip despite what your competitors are doing.

4. Deploy Valentines’ Day Google AdWords Campaign: If your website doesn’t feature in the top two search engine results pages (SERPS), Google AdWords can be a great alternative to boost sales to your website. It is a lot more effective to have a separate and distinct landing page for each product. Each ad should clearly state the deal being offered, link to the product/promotional landing page and a clear call to action. Be sure to include the keyword in the headline, compelling copy, great imagery and an easy to use shopping cart on the landing page.

5. Add a Video to Showcase Valentine’s Products. Add a video to the website which showcases your product in use. This video can highlight the features of the product and its benefits. Keep it short and quick to load. Don’t forget to ask the visitor to enter their email address if they would like to be informed about future videos and offers. Add the video to your YouTube channel.

6. Market via Social Media to Reach a Bigger Audience. Social Media websites like Twitter, Facebook and MySpace connect you to a wide array of people from around the globe and help you reach out to a larger audience. This increases the chances of promoting your products to a larger and interested group of people. Tweet your offers, promote them on Facebook and experiment with a text message campaign with a time-sensitive valentine’s day offer.

Quality conversation on Twitter and Friendfeed help build your brand while getting through in real-time. Don’t miss every opportunity to connect with your audience, wherever they may be.

All the suggestions listed here for Valentine’s Day marketing techniques can be applied to any number of occasions such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. Don’t forget St. Patrick’s Day is up next.

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